Hypermarket and Supermarket jobs are one of the demanding job in dubai those who are freshers or looking for a part time job.High school is the basic qualification for applying a job in Hypermarket or supermarket job.The avarage rate of hypermarket employee is AED7.6 per hour in UAE.The various categories comes under the hpermarket and supermarket jobs are

  • Sales
  • Information Technology
  • Business Operation
  • Auditor
  • Finance
  • Accountant
  • Civil Engineer

The basic skills you must posses when you working in a hypermarket or supermarket companies are basic communication skill, Customer Service Skill, Attention to Detail and basic computer Skill.You can apply for jobs in many ways.Either you can contact dierectly the companies by filling up application form or by Apply online through the concerened website.Newbies , Experienced one and females can also Apply.





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PANDA Hypermarket

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TESCO Hypermarket

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GEANT Hypermarket

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