Coca-Cola Refreshments is included the comprehensive group who really make, showcase and disseminate fulfillment, as incredible Coca-Cola things all through North America.

As one of the best refreshment period and propelling relationship on the planet, making individuals grin is a foremost business. That proposes heaps of chances for you to make and make. In case you’re examining for an affiliation where you can do your best work AND help a broad number of individuals grin a minor piece every day, you’ve gone to the perfect spot!

Coca Cola Careers

Coca-Cola is a carbonated delicate drink created by The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia. Initially planned as a patent prescription, it was created in the late nineteenth century by John Pemberton.

Coca-Cola was purchased out by agent Asa Griggs Candler, whose advertising strategies drove Coke to its strength of the world soda pop market all through the twentieth century. The name alludes to two of its unique fixings: kola nuts, a wellspring of caffeine, and coca clears out

At The Coca-Cola Company, we are a diverse, global community of people who thirst for more. Together, we are growing and learning, building on our iconic past to make an impact.

1Stockroom/Inventory CoordinatorUS
2Maintenance Technician (Pneumatic, Hydraulics, PLC’s)US
3Production Technician, Lead (Tech IIl)US
4Maintenance Mechanic (Pneumatic, Hydraulics, PLC exp. Required)US
5Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (Pneumatic, Hydraulics, PLC’s experience)US
6Production Supervisor (Overnights, 12 Hour Shifts)US
7Warehouse Production AssociateUS
8Lead, Quality Assurance TechnicianUS
9Production Technician, 3rd ShiftUS
10Sr. Manager, Category OperationsUS
11Manager, Maintenance DepartmentUS
12Maintenance Mechanic IIUS
13Maintenance Parts ClerkUS
14Quality Systems SpecialistUS
15Supervisor, WarehouseUS

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