If you’re wondering how to get a job in Canada, but not sure how, you’re in the right place. With focus and motivation, it’s possible to find the right job in Canada for you. But, it’s important to plan thoroughly.
These tips have been compiled for you based on our experience and lots of feedback from our loyal contributors. Please read them, understand them, and apply them, so you can plan for success and get a job in Canada.
Ensure you have carefully read our resume format in Canada guide before sending your resume to employers in Canada. Poorly-written resumes — as well as resumes that list duties rather than personal or team achievements — will hinder you from making an impact and stop you from getting a job in Canada before even reaching the interview stage. Read these tips carefully, ensure you understand the objective, and apply these simple concepts to help your resume impress an employer. Your resume is the all-important first impression, so don’t fall short at this crucial first step when applying for jobs in Canada.
You should learn about provincial and federal labor laws before you begin work in Canada.
You have the right to join a labor union in Canada. You often have to join a union whether you choose it or not. Union fees will be taken from your salary.
You may ask for advice or help if you feel that your employer or union has treated you unfairly. Contact an officer of the ministry in charge of labor in the province or territory where you work.
If you’re unemployed, you may be able to get Employment Insurance (EI). EI gives you short-term financial help while you look for work or upgrade your skills.
You may also get EI benefits if you’re:
  • sick, injured or in quarantine for health reasons
  • pregnant or caring for a newborn or adopted child
  • caring for a family member who is seriously ill with a high risk of death
If you work in Canada, you must pay into EI so that you can use it in a time of need. Your employer will usually take the EI payments from your paycheque.
If you’re self-employed, you can choose to take part in the EI program. To benefit from EI, you must apply and meet certain criteria.
In the last few years, Canada has emerged as the paradise for the skilled workers and professionals seeking multiple job opportunities and bright careers abroad. Canada needs skilled workers in huge numbers hence, it offers the best working environment and facilities to the people seeking job opportunities in Canada. The people in India share a special connection with Canada, as a huge number of Indian origin families are settled in different provinces of Canada.
The history of migration to Canada from India is almost a century old and it continues in the 21st century as well. Canada’s lenient visa policy, easy PR process, and ideal working conditions are a few of the key reasons as to why Skilled workers in India move to Canada.


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